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  1. dollfish

    A big achievement and a minor setback with Astro in harnes training

    Astro is making huge progress in harness training. She can comfortably put her head through the loop all by herself and wait patiently until she receives her treat, which is banana. This morning I rushed a little bit and put one wing through, which freaked her out but then I was able to quickly...
  2. Charlotte2727

    Bird aviator harness

    I have a 4-month-old sun conure. She is super sweet and cute and I am just dying to take her out with me. As the weather is getting nicer I thought about taking her out with me. Her wings are slightly clipped but she can fly to her cage from the other side of the room. So I was considering...
  3. Caerus the gcc

    Aviator harness?

    This is an odd question, but what size aviator does your Senegal parrot use? I just out my deposit for my Senegal, and want to make sure I have the right size when he comes home. I have petite and the smallest size currently, but would petite fit a senegal?