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avian vets

  1. G

    CA vet experience please help

    I've done research into finding the best bird vet in South CA, can someone tell me their experiences with this vet-prices, annual exam, etc? Just how good they were. -Todd Cecil, has experience in surgery I believe, is not certified -Micco, is a member of AAV I think -Rosskoph, was apparently...
  2. M

    Urgent Hurt toes

    A few days ago I checked on my bird and noticed blood in its cage and found that most of its nail on 2 toes (same foot) are almost completely gone and I had quick stop for the bleeding but now I’m not quite sure what to do. Please give advice on what to do next (currently my bird is not bleeding...
  3. ThatsFowlPlay

    Avian Vet San Diego

    I'm in need of an new avian vet. Anyone know any awesome avian vets in San Diego, CA?
  4. Frostygal

    Lilacine Amazon Falling of Perch - HELP

    Our 40 year old Lilacine Amazon "Solomon" AKA "Beaky Guy" has been falling off his perch at night lately. He seems fine during the day however. The problem is I'm having difficulty finding an avian vet locally. Any suggestions about the falling at night would be helpful. Last night he fell off...