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avian flu

  1. C

    Avian flu/outdoor gardening

    Bird flu aka Avian flu is in my area of the Pacific Nothwest. There is a confirmed report 12 miles from me in a domestic flock. There are several protected wetlands for local and migratory bird species, one of which is 3 miles from my house. Many people here have chicken and/or duck flocks. My...
  2. Haydenb

    Pretty scared about avian flu

    Hi, I have a green cheek conure and I've been hearing stuff on the news that the avian flu has been spreading around (in my state of Minnesota especially). I haven't taken her outside for more than a few times this month because of the news(and because it hasn't gone over 70 degrees much) Is...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Avian Flu???

    So apparently there’s an avian flu going around that’s highly contagious to all birds and caused a bunch of turkeys to be put down. I can’t find any information about this disease so I’m reaching out here. How deadly is it to birds? Can it be treated at all? What is the treatment? What should I...
  4. F

    Can my parrot catch the flu?

    Just went to the doctors and was tested for the flu. It came back positive for influenza A. I’ve read online that birds are not succeptible to colds or flus so long as the infection is not bacterial. I am confused though because I’ve also read that Influenza A is the avian flu and can infect...