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  1. P

    Bird-safe products/companies?

    Hi everyone! First-time bird owner here, does anyone know if the following companies are bird-safe? - Black + Decker - Our Place - Breville - Daewoo - Revlon (curling irons) - Hamilton Beach - TechniVorm / MochaMaster - Whirlpool ovens I’m in the process of bird proofing and having a little...
  2. birdlady91

    Has anyone used a mini fridge near their parrots?

    Hello everyone, hope you and your bird babies are all doing good!! I wanted to purchase a mini fridge to have in the same room as my bird Leo. I bought and returned a tiny fridge by Frigidaire because it didn't keep things cold enough. I had it running in my room for about 24 hours with Leo...