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amphotericin b

  1. cricketiel

    Diagnosed with Avian Gastric Yeast

    My 2 year old cockatiel was just diagnosed with avian gastric yeast (AGY) and started on 0.2 mL of Amp B every 12 hours for 10 days, but I am still worried. Reading about this disease is quite scary, and I am really at a loss of what to do. Is there a possibility that this could be another...
  2. Shilpa

    Recovery from AGY (Avian Gastric Yeast)

    SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE BACKSTORY. Recently, my female budgie, Chicky started vomiting. It was over the weekend but she had vomited on and off before but I was too busy to notice. I know it's a really bad excuse but I had a lot going on and I just didn't think too much...