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  1. T

    Need Urgent Help With My Budgie Who Has Just Lost His Companion

    Hello there you guys! I hope you are all doing well today! Very unfortunately, my little buddy has just lost his mate 2 days ago :( Ever since her passing, my budgie has been very unlike himself and unusual! He is usually such a big foodie, but now he doesn't even go to eat or drink water by...
  2. M

    Is my Green Cheek Conure excessively dependant on me?

    Hello everyone. So it's been a month that I got my beautiful GCC. He has bonded with me really well. But he won't stay alone for a second. His cage is in the living room. For example when I want to go to my room to bring something(it won't even take 1 minute), he will scream and he won't stop...
  3. K

    how long can my cockatiel be alone?

    i've never had a cockatiel and i usually have school during weekdays for 6-7 hours a day. i heard if they're at home alone for a period of time they can get stressed and stuff. would it be fine if i'm gone for that amount of time and come home and immediately take my bird out and talk/play with...
  4. N

    How long can I leave my green cheek alone?

    I'm considering getting a part time job but it's very likely that my husband and I will be at work at the same time, leaving our green cheek by herself for a few hours each day. I usually let her out and interact with her all day. Can I leave her alone when I'm at work? I don't want to stress her.