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aloe detox

  1. redrose27

    Help With Gout Medications

    Hi there, so my sister (bird) Kony recently was diagnosed with gout (articular) back in februrary, and she was given a gout medication (Herbal Complex) for it. Now fast forward to today March 19th 2021, and her foot has gotten more swollen and I have noticed more white spots aka uric acid...
  2. Goodegg

    Yes it works - Home Remedies for sick birds

    I am creating this thread for those who are low on funds for vet care and are feeling helpless. There are things you can do that will help your bird without making matters worse. I am asking other members to please help me create this thread as a collection of home remedies that have worked...
  3. ScragShags

    Aloe Detox Suggestions

    About a month ago, we started noticing some unusual behaviors from Evie, our pearly conure. It was mostly lethargy, but we also were noticing some "stuffy-sounding" breathing and talking. We took her to the vet and described the symptoms we were seeing. The vet took her weight and she had also...