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african gray baby

  1. W

    AGP eggs?

    I currently live in Texas and wondering if anyone knows any reputable breeders who has young birds or fertilized eggs. We have a large GCF incubator and wanting to hatch our own. I've always loved the AGP but willing to see what other young birds or fert eggs available. We currently raise...
  2. B

    Where can I get a gray in TX or AZ?

    Hi everyone, Where can I get a baby gray? My 11 yr old died suddenly from liver disease. Anyone have any ideas. I’m willing to fly to pick him up. Thanks in advance!
  3. bird_mama

    Video Chirping when happy?

    If I get close enough to Romeo, (3 years old this past February) I hear almost like a whispering, chattering, while pacing side to side when he sees food, that he knows is his, in my hand. Romeo (☝A video of what I’m talking about)
  4. tedzai

    new bird

    i'm a new big-bird owner, having only cockatiels and budgies in the past. I recently got a baby female CAG. I'm starting to get worried by how much she is ''cleaning'' herself and dislikes me, even though i've been patient, offered treats, and tried to bond with her. I don't know what i'm doing...