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  1. MChiper

    Parrot For Student??

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting a Parrot soon and I'd like all your suggestions! :) I have owned Parrots before, but unfortunately had to give them up when I moved here (to Ireland) from South Africa. I had a Congo African Grey (female) and Sun Conure (male). I lived in a freestanding...
  2. D

    Affectionate bird suggestions?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post ever, I'm excited to have found this website! My husband and I just got our first IRN last week, she is about 3 months old and has so much personality. We originally got a bird so I could have a companion as I work at home and hate being alone! After doing our...
  3. D

    standoffs cockatiel

    Hello! About 3 months ago we got a young-ish female cockatiel. She is fully grown but they said she was only about 4 months old or so, which means she's still under a year old now. She had no training but since we got her she has become tame enough to step up (although she won't come near me if...