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  1. N


    Cockatiel has been pooping normal all throughout the day but later in the day his poop became more watery
  2. Its_Sam4

    Urgent Cockatiels poop has changed

    Hi, so lately my cockatiel’s poop has changed. She’s 11 years old and unfortunately lost her mate this past December. It looks like water with little to no poop visible. I’m not sure if this is related but when she puffs up and shakes her feathers, little white feather balls shake off too. She...
  3. Cockatango

    Pictures Weird feet

    It took me a while to notice that Tango's feet don't match. Then it was the vet who said she also doesn't have claws at the back. Has anyone got any tiels who are similar? And why do you think Tango has this (unfortunately I think it might be down to inbreeding :sad14:)