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  1. A

    Abandoned baby budgie

    Hi! So i have a baby budgie that the mother rejected and threw it out of the nest. So i’m hand feeding it and i’m new to this. I’ve read online that we have to feed every 2 hours from 6am till midnight. Do i have to feed the baby at night as well after every 2 hours? Because i’ve read on...
  2. A

    Baby pigeon abandoned

    (Sorry for bad english) I have a fancy breeder pair of pigeons.. they recent have two baby and they are feeing only one..he is now 1 or 1.5 weeks old.i am hand feeding him soaked millet and corn and pulses..now its 3rd day of handfeeing..he is skinny and cant stand by his own legs.he digest his...
  3. hrafn

    How should I try to catch this rabbit?

    There's a domesticated rabbit that I've spotted several times in the park since yesterday, and I'm wondering how I should try to catch him. He's very friendly with people, so I'm thinking he was abandoned out there by some schmuck who thought they were "setting him free", but he hasn't been...
  4. hrafn


    What's with the spate of lost birds being found outside recently?! I swear, there must be some kind of birdie uprising or something and these guys are letting themselves out. At least it's a happier thought than them being abandoned... Well, long story short, there's another 'tiel outside. Why...
  5. hrafn

    I think I may have discovered the source of Kamara's potty mouth!

    All this morning, Kamara has been saying things like, "say 'whoa', say 'hello', come on dude, say 'what's up', come on, do it, say 'waddup b****', say 'whoa', say 'hey sexy'" in a teenage boy's voice. Seems like she didn't pick up her sailor's speech by accident. :angelic: Makes me sad to...
  6. J

    Need help bird abandoned!

    Hi guys so this is a weird story, so i'm known for loving birds in my neighborhood because I hand raised my fischer's lovie myself so i'm kinda known as the bird man in a way lol, anyway when i was home alone last week and my parents were out (i'm under 18) I went out to bring rubbish to the bin...
  7. M

    Hello!!! I just joined & have some questions about abandoned Dove eggs!

    Good afternoon! My husband I noticed a few doves in our palm tree a few weeks ago in a nest, there was always a dove on it. Today is cold here & I haven't seen the Doves for a few days. I peeked at the nest (first time) and there were 2 eggs in it. we waited a couple hours and have still not...