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8 weeks old

  1. P

    Baby cockatiel poop

    Hello. My baby cockatiel is about 8/9 weeks. She’s weaning right now. We have her Kaytee bird formula and she’s being fed her formula twice a day: 7am and 7pm. She’s also eating millet, crushed pellets, fresh veggies, and given fresh fruit but every other day. She’s been acting normal, I’ve...
  2. maounm

    Video 8 weeks old GW macaw regurgitating formulae

    Hello everyone. I switched my 8 weeks old GW’s formulae to psittacus high energy plus. Before switching he was getting 125ml three times a day now he is getting 100 ml 3 times a day. He throws out some feed sometimes eventhough i have decreased the total quantity. He just throws out some not...
  3. SilverSoo

    Finally eating pellets

    My only post here was me being a new mother for a 4 weeks old cockatiel, and today at, their 8 weeks, Jaime it's finally eating his first solid food on his own :3 Though Jaime gotta still learn to not bat its wings while near the food. I have a concern, his feather on his chest are all stain...
  4. O

    Is 8 weeks young for a cockatiel?

    As some of you guys know, I am getting a beautiful pied male cockatiel. You can see pics of him on my profile in previous threads. He is now 8 weeks old, nearly weaned, is this considered too young to bring home? Also, when will his real behavior come out? Right now he bites a lot! He uses his...