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Young bird life hack

Discussion in 'Nursery Rhyme Drive' started by HolliDaze, 12/30/17.

  1. HolliDaze

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    If you have a bird who is still asking for comfort feedings, but won 't eat their chop, try this:
    1) Thaw out a days worth of chop or so
    2) blend it with a bit of water
    3) heat it up to the appropriate temperature
    4) feed with a syringe!
    For my cockatoo, a days worth of chop is just about right for a comfort feed. He doesn't seem to prefer formula over it. I don't recommend this for birds who don't get enough food on their own (who still need formula to survive/are still babies), as I am not a baby bird nutrition expert, and I am not sure if They'd get enough nutrients. But, for a mostly weaned bird who no longer nutritionally need their formula, this is better than human baby food, as it contains everything they don't eat on their own.
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