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Yes it works - Home Remedies for sick birds

Discussion in 'Holistic Avenue' started by Goodegg, 9/12/17.

  1. Goodegg

    Goodegg Moving in Avenue Veteran

    New Jersey
    I am creating this thread for those who are low on funds for vet care and are feeling helpless. There are things you can do that will help your bird without making matters worse.

    I am asking other members to please help me create this thread as a collection of home remedies that have worked for their birds.

    Please include information on the symptoms or diagnosis your bird had, the product you used with links if possible, the dosage you gave to your bird and how you administered it so that people who are in a panic trying to help their sick birds can get help fast. below are a couple things that have worked for my bird, Icarus a Meyers Parrot.

    My bird Icarus was experiencing the very first signs of an issue → Diarrhea with something that resembled sand in her pooh. She was otherwise "ok" however, the proof was in the pooh. Rather than wait I successfully used the following remedies and the results were pretty outstanding within just one day.

    aloe detox → 1/2 capful to a pint of water *** poop may change color temporarily *** I gave this to her in her morning water when they drink most and the rest of the day was just water (clean filtered water)
    this is a link to the exact brand of aloe detox that I used for Icarus as of 9/2017
    Amazon.com: Lily of The Desert Aloe Herbal Detoxifying Formula, 32 Fluid Ounce: Health & Personal Care

    More detailed instructions on dosage of aloe detox and other helpful remedies in this article.... for aloe detox instructions just scroll down till you see the big bottle of aloe detox
    Liver and Kidneys...Just some FYI - Just Cockatiels!

    This is herb salad → I gave this to her in a separate dish, I left it available to her at all times. She used it to medicate herself choosing the herbs she needed. I was in awe watching her sift through it and furthermore impressed as she healed she sifted through less often. I learned never to underestimate their instincts to help themselves as they are not nearly as confused as we are ;) and Thank God for that ! It really helped her.
    Amazon.com : Herb Salad for All Birds (4 Ounce) : Pet Supplies

    Thank you in advance to all of those who take the time to create an easy to read detailed post for people seeking help for their sick companion birds. We all know how stressful and worrisome it is for both bird an owner when there is a health issue. Please post → your information may save a birds life and save their human a lot of grief. May all those who need this information find it at the right time. Blessings to all and
    Be well :hug8:
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  2. taxidermynerd

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    If your bird is bleeding, you can use flour or cornstarch in stead of styptic powder to stop the bleeding! Just make sure if you're using flour that it's unbleached white flour! Press some on the spot that's bleeding, and put pressure on it for a few seconds. Should work like a charm!
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