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What food?

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by xxbluedragonxx, 8/18/18.

  1. xxbluedragonxx

    xxbluedragonxx Moving in


    Is it possible to overfeed vegetables? I am not sure how much or what mix to feed.

    At the moment I am chopping into small bite size bits cucumber, carrot, tiny amount of chillies, spinach and mix it together.

    For treats I give him sunflower seeds, apple, grapes.

    How much is enough and what else can I give to ensure good diet mix?

    How many treats are ok a day?
  2. expressmailtome

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  3. Feathered up

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    Be careful of too much fruit as a treat. I am the world’s worst about over feeding apple. I know I’ve done it when Skyy’s poop changes and then I back off. I also turned Pavitr’s poop blue with too many blueberries recently.

    Wild birds forage for food all day long and I’ve taken to offering a couple tablespoons of fresh food in the morning and in the evening and hiding pellets and some seed and nuts and maybe a bit of milletin forage toys. I do keep some pellets in a feed Dish and generally only give a few small pieces of fruit a day. I give maybe a quarter of a large grape, teaspoon of pomegranate one big blueberry or a slice of apple and the like.

    I’ve been feeding a lot of herb salad lately as well.

    Yes you can feed to many leafy greens as many contain oxalates that can cause crystals to for in the urine.
  4. Barbara jasko

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    My pet sitter tells me I overfeed but the birds only eat what they want, the rest is something to play with and make a mess. My cages always have a bowl of pellets and water. Then I give them a bowl of about a cup each of mixed chop/veg. Assorted veg, fresh sprouts, and some high antioxident fruits. For breakfast on their playgyms, they get 3 tablespoons each of a cooked diet with grains, beans, nuts, chia seed, flax seed, hemp oil, and a probiotic mixed in. 1 Nutriberry per day per bird for a treat.

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