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Vote for Jen's new scaley grandchild - opinions needed!!

Discussion in 'Herp Haven' started by Jenphilly, 12/23/16.

  1. Jenphilly

    Jenphilly Rollerblading along the road Mayor of the Avenue Rescue Representative

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    Jennifer - A Helping Wing

    The Cribo are awesome looking! Victoria posted she has a bull, really beautiful girl, have to find pics of her.

    Some states have outlawed the oversized snakes. We have friends in NY and the largest snake legal are the boas. No large pythons at all. I haven't seen too many people with the interest in rocks for breeding projects, and that's a worry, having people who can properly house and care for the large snakes will eventually lead to even stricter laws. Right now the retics in our area have the law of not being able to move them across lines without special permit. Our friend, Jay, was able to obtain the licensing to ship and sell across state lines, but places such as Florida, you are not allowed to bring them in.

    We joke the avian community should have been paying more attention to the snake community, there was quite a lesson to be learned for the laws passed limiting snakes where you have them.

    Boas are probably my favorite overall, but the snake we've had the longest is Lucky, she has been with us 13 years or so. She is a common boa, but such a big beautiful girl, just a wonderful example of proper husbandry, feeding and care over the years. She actually went to the vet recently for full bloodwork and they said her block was exceptionally normal. So often boas her age are dead from poor husbandry or people power feeding them to get them to grow as large as quickly as possible. Took Lucky forever to get to her size, for years she was right about 5' and not nearly as thick, and we joke one day we woke up to an 8' boa! She is large for a common boa, but its been a long slow steady growth for the girl. And again, she is the one we've had for 13 years and not one single bite. Actually just found baby pics of Lucky!! Here are baby and now photos! :)

    P4230073.JPG P4230072.JPG P4230071.JPG lucky.jpg lucky.jpg
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