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Very special horse In memorial!

Discussion in 'Farm Crossing' started by Crazy4parrots, 11/18/15.

  1. Crazy4parrots

    Crazy4parrots Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran

    Parrotdise :) lol
    Real Name:
    His name was Jali Mahmoud a race horse. Today while reading the news i learned 2 men killing him by shooting him 7 times & then made burn in fire the stall! The smoke & the horse screaming in pain made the guards run to his stall he died from smoke inhalation and blood loss! So far no one is responsible from his dead :( :'(
    In june a mare named Black River died after several men injected her boric acid. These were good race horses and the mafia dont want them around so they are killing all good race horses!
    I'm glad Bambera's owner was clever she only competed (won 8/15) here then was sent to the Caribbean International cup and won (18/20).. then moved to USA (she competed but injured her knees in race #19) and she is living there in KY, happily retired as a broodmare!
    :cry:I read about the other horses and it just like why they have to do those things to them ? I'm upset:sad8:

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