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Update on Rosie

Discussion in 'Canary & Finch Court' started by Yve Benwell, 10/4/18.

  1. Clairecanary15

    Clairecanary15 Sprinting down the street

    United Kingdom
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    Rosie is so very lucky to have you as her owner now. It sounds like Rosie is very happy. Hens are quite vocal too. Its just awful how some canaries are kept..sickening. How long have you had her? As her start in life wasnt acceptable she needs all the added things she can get..like the vitamins...they will replace everything that was missing in her start in life. I use bee pollen as a sprinkle acouple of times a week. Its an immune booster. I get the powdered as mine pick around the granules. Again fabfinches is useful for these.

    I use cut apple tree branches in my aviary. The different widths of branch are good for their feet. If their feet are tired. .especially the older birds they go for the fat branches to rest them. A brilliant idea from @finchly on how to get it to fix in place in a cage. I will be doing that myself for my inside flight cages. I have the standard dowel perches at the moment.
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  2. Yve Benwell

    Yve Benwell Moving in

    Blunsdon, England
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    Yvonne Usher-Benwell

    Hi Finchly, that is the only plastic perch she has, she has a wooden one I bought at the local bird shop and she also has a couple that I made from our apple tree in the garden (much to the other half's disgust as I cut off from the healthiest looking branches)!

    Thanks for the list of safe plants, will be very useful :)
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