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To clip a new baby rose breasted cockatoo or not?

Discussion in 'The Airport' started by Tinabell, 5/9/19.

  1. jmfleish

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    You have to be very, very adamant about not clipping. Tell the breeder over and over and over again that you do not want your baby clipped and since you are paying the money for the bird, it should absolutely be your decision! I've been through this too many times to count! The last baby I got, my Galah female Addison, did come to me not clipped and she's the only bird I have who has never been clipped. I'm forever grateful for that. It makes such a difference. We recently brought home a beautiful Slender Billed Cockatoo female, Abby. She's two years old and she has a mild clip. She's fearful of everything and sinks like a rock when she tries to fly. It breaks my heart that she lacks the confidence that comes with flight. Galahs are a little different in the fact that they are very light birds and have a huge wing span so they can fly even with a clip but still make absolutely sure that your breeder completely understands that you do not want your baby clipped under any circumstances! Your money, your choice!
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