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The good, the bad, and the ugly about caiques

Discussion in 'Caique Cul De Sac' started by tozie12, 3/17/13.

  1. mastrude

    mastrude Checking out the neighborhood

    About biting: Though my caique loved me from our first day, she was very a very dominant bird and threw fits including biting when she didn’t get what she wanted. I’m a guy and used to shedding a few drops of blood, working on cars and so forth. I don’t get mad; I don’t lose it and scare my bird. You mustn’t do that.
    One day when she was eight she was throwing a tantrum. She stopped and looked at me, and I could see the wheels turning for several seconds. I believe she was thinking “Wait. I love this person and he never responds to violence anyway.” She stopped biting and throwing tantrums for the rest of her life.
    That’s one thing I love about caiques: They think, they make decisions, and they stick to them. I wanted you to know that there can be a far end of the tunnel. You must achieve and maintain nurturing dominance.
    They are little teenagers; they can be bullies; if they can make you flinch then you lose dominance. Turn off your flinch reflex. Towel and time-out them, without violence or yelling, when they challenge you. Then reassure them that you still love them when it’s over.
    It’s hard to believe how smart they are. Treat them that way. You won’t be sorry.
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  2. BashTinkLuna

    BashTinkLuna Meeting neighbors

    Real Name:
    Well I have 2 caiques...
    1. Hoki, a male White Bellied Caique, 4 years old.
    2. Xiao Lao Ban, a female Black Headed Caique, 1 year old.

    Please do notice, all individuals might be different....

    Let me tell about Hoki, my White Bellied Caique...
    I got him as a rehomed when he was around 2 year old, due to biting and aggression (for me, it's hormonal) and his previous owner wanted to replace Hoki with "better" bird, as he hardly found mate for Hoki that time. So Hoki came to my home, as a sensitive and aggressive baby. We needed around 6 months for adjusting each other... all bites, all loves, tears, trusts... Hoki is still with me until today, as a brand new loving parrot with sweet and beautiful personality.
    He is super funny, little clown, little gangster with beautiful stunning color. And with me, his person, he is super sweet, really never bite me. He is super sensitive. He knows when I said good words to him, when I tell him I love him, he is in his forever home, and etc. He just knows it, and become super sweet to me.
    He never accept word "NO", "DON'T", he will be mad when I forbid him from doing naughty thing. Instead now I learn how to divert his attention when he is naughty. He is super loud. When he dislikes someone, he "lock target" and will chase you around. Once he reached you, he will bite your skin off. He just won't stop until he got you.
    The poop is super big one... He loves tossing his food... And his scream is loud (for such small body)

    Now, let me tell about Xiao Lao Ban, my Black Headed Caique...
    I got Lao Ban since 3 weeks old. She was super cute and loud crying baby voice. Lao Ban belongs to my husband, but at the end, parrots always have their favorite person, right? which is me... So Lao Ban loves to follow me everywhere, even now showing her mating behavior towards me.
    Black headed caique is known have better personality than White Bellied Caique. Laoban has the same fun, the same clown personality, as Hoki.
    I don't know, but my Lao Ban loves to bite. Making holes on my shirt, even bed cover.
    Yeah.. same with White Bellied Caique...

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