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Tell me about your doves

Discussion in 'Softbill Circle' started by IsaDa18, 1/23/17.

  1. IsaDa18

    IsaDa18 Strolling the yard

    Sounds silly, but I'm looking to learn more about ringneck and diamonds, I've read most everything about them, but don't have any experience handling fully tamed doves. What are your guys like? Mention whether they were hand fed! :)
  2. Birdbabe

    Birdbabe Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    The valley of the sun
    Mine are all rescue doves, they're all very sweet, calm and loving,,,maybe they're grateful, maybe I'm lucky.
  3. The BirdHouse

    The BirdHouse Moving in

    I have had ringneck doves for many years. My first one was handfed and was extremely friendly. All of the ones I have had since then were all parent fed, but with a minimum of work they also became quite friendly. They make wonderful pets and are easy to take care of. I currently have a pair of diamond doves as well, I haven't tried to handle them much yet, but I am hoping to work with their babies. (They are sitting on eggs :) )
  4. javi

    javi Sprinting down the street Avenue Veteran

    Real Name:
    I adopted a dove from rescue about 4 years ago. She had been surrendered by her owners and had been an only bird. When I adopted her she was a Velcro bird. Wanting to sit on my shoulder and ride around and wanted to be petted and rubbed. Well since she was desperate for attention I added a second dove and she got all the attention she wanted from the second one. They both live in my aviary. She still likes to set on my shoulder and be held but I think likes having a buddy around all the time.
  5. alexmait

    alexmait Moving in

    I was given a couple of white ringneck doves as a gift when they had just been weaned from their mother. They were very peaceful and sometimes cooed or barked...very cute. I found them intelligent and required no training, over time they responded to the sound of my voice. Mine were happier as a pair when they had each other.

    They are different in nature than parrots in that mine did not need toys but loved to fly and enjoyed bird baths, so I let them out quite abit to do so and never clipped their flying wings. Their feet are different than a parrot, so they do not climb as parrots do. My doves were very beautiful and calming.
  6. Crow lover

    Crow lover Sitting on the front steps

    I recently bought 4 Cape Doves. I am reading and learning about them. I love wild Mourning Doves and the babies make me so happy! The Cape Doves are smaller and so darned cute! They seem to be very delicate and need lots of natural sunlight. Our days are hot and they love it! Even when it is over 100 they can be found in the sun with their wings spread soaking it up. Days are nice, but nights often get cold. I have been bringing them inside at night. I am worried about winter and planning on getting them a light if it is to chilly to go outside. I am thinking I should have went with Diamond Doves, and just really worry about these cuties.

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