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Taking Java to Knoxville in January

Discussion in 'Vasa Vista' started by Brittany0208, 11/2/18.

  1. Brittany0208

    Brittany0208 Rollerblading along the road Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award

    Picked up a weeks' worth of Metacam for Java this morning, that he took like a champ. And I've decided that we will more than likely make the trip to UT (University of Tennessee Knoxville) in January to get his prostetic. It'll be a 3-hour drive, and we'll more than likely have to book a hotel for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to the adventure, but I'm also a little anxious about how he will respond to such a long car ride. I'll probably get a collapsible dog kennel so he has somewhere to sleep once we get to the hotel, other than his carrier.
    I had hoped to get him the prostetic before the end of the year, but I'd be rushing, so January gives me enough time to save up and prepare myself mentally for this next journey of ours.
    What should I bring on the trip? Besides food and water.
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  2. Dartman

    Dartman Biking along the boulevard Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Portland Oregon
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    Stuff to keep both of you ocupied and enough clothes so you don't have to deal with finding a laundromat. Winter type stuff so you don't get wet and cold or freeze. We always like to have enough stuff to get by a while and money is always good.
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  3. Clueless

    Clueless Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran


    Something to keep each of you warm in emergencies. Maybe those hand warmers someone was talking about?
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  4. Shezbug

    Shezbug ASK ME FOR PICTURES OF MY MACAW! Super Moderator Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award

    Vic, Australia
    Any time I take Burt out for the day I make sure I pack more than I will need for him. The first time I took him out for the day he emptied his water container by pressing the nozzle in until all the water was on the bottom of his carrier......it was a 45 minute detour just to get another bottle of water because I live in the middle of nowhere. I also found that he had entertained himself by dropping every pellet from his bowl into the water, thankfully I had a bird muffin and some fresh banana (my lunch) so that is what he had to eat for part of the day. I have also found that an assortment of small toys really helps for when Burt gets comfortable in the new place then bored. Also a towel or blanket to use as shade from either sun or wind if needed has always come in handy for me. I also take heaps of paper towels (for poop).

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