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Discussion in 'Behavior Byway' started by Joyce K, 9/10/18.

  1. Joyce K

    Joyce K Checking out the neighborhood

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    Joyce Krachmalnick
    How does spaying impact the quality of a bird's life? Ten years ago, I had to have my Umbrella cockatoo spayed because she was egg bound. At that time, I wasn't aware that spaying does not remove ovaries and last year my bird had severe problems with her ovaries developing yolks which caused infection. After 3 Lupron injections, a couple of antibiotics doses per day for a couple of week and heart and liver meds twice a day since December, she seemed healthy. Until now. Her abdomen is expanded again and she is in nesting mode. The avian vet gave her another Lupron shot with another tomorrow and another two weeks after that. The vet discussed another surgery, but it didn't sound like it would remove the ovaries--just "clean out" her abdomen. I'm worried about another surgery--she has been put under anesthesia 4 times within 9 months which can't be good for her, and I am worried about this reoccurring during every breeding season. I have heard that Lupron injections have their own risks, but would a monthly Lupron injection help prevent this problem? I have also noticed by looking on the Internet, that removing the ovaries is dangerous with arteries being very close. Presently, my bird looks and acts healthy but without an exit for the yolk, I'm worried that she will get serious infections every time she goes through this. I don't have a male bird
    , I try to keep her away from my other cockatoo during times she is hormonal, and I pet her only on her head. Any ideas?
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