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Somebody got Eggnant....

Discussion in 'Linnie Landing' started by santacruzjack, 7/4/17.

  1. santacruzjack

    santacruzjack Walking the driveway

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    Pictures will follow shortly, this morning Lauren and I woke up to what we've been expecting since we got dinah: egg. We don't know whose egg it is, I suspect Dinah because she's 6 months older and has always been a defensive little hormone girl, but neither of them is sitting on the egg yet.

    We don't know what to do! I'd appreciate any instructions or advice on what to do, this is our first experience with parrot eggs. I was operating under the assumption that if they have ignored the egg by the end of the week I can take it out, should I keep an eye out for further hormonal behavior? Should we expect a couple more eggs in this clutch or will this be a one-pop stop?

    Please, ANY advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. DQTimnehs

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    I think they usually lay a full clutch but sometimes not. To try to prevent more egg laying you can replace the dummy egg with a normal clutch of dummy eggs. 2-8 is a normal clutch so 2-3 dummies should be ok.
    I'm sure you will get more advice from people with more egg experience. :)

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