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Society finch behavior questions

Discussion in 'Canary & Finch Court' started by adri2201, 7/7/18.

  1. adri2201

    adri2201 Moving in

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    adrianna emitte

    Omg!!!! Thank you!!! I took it out this morning when I woke up, they have sort of been not fighting but bickering over it I think, no feather pulling but they get a little cranky towards each other at least once a day and it seems to stem from the nest, seriously, thank you! I had no idea! Im not sure if the videos uploaded properly, I can see them on my computer but not on my phone so if I have to I’ll re add them after work today
  2. finchly

    finchly Biking along the boulevard Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Vendor

    SW Florida
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    Wowwww I am seeing gorgeous black cheek zebras! You are very lucky. They look kind of large and healthy.

    I bred *only* for black cheek, which is recessive, and had to work to get them! Also they tend to get smaller as you go so every so often a big healthy normal has to be bred into the line.

    The cage is much too small as you know. They will definitely fight in there. I use big cages and hang fake greenery all around to keep them from seeing each other, in case they decide to fight. Yours really should not because there are no hens around.
  3. Featheredfuffs

    Featheredfuffs Sprinting down the street

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    You have Zebbies (zebra finches), not societies :)They’re a little more aggressive, so get the widest cage possible and some plants for cover so in cage there is any aggression the victim can avoid the aggressor (however as long as they have lots of space and no girls you should be fine).

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