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Showering with bird

Discussion in 'Enrichment and Foraging Park' started by annoellyn, 10/9/18.

  1. annoellyn

    annoellyn Strolling the yard

    I tried showering with Jupiter and was unsure if he liked it. He did crawl up to my shoulder and I accidentally moved into the spray lol, but it's lukewarm. He scampered down to his perch and stared at me. I have a shower perch on the way but for now I have his perch tree peeking through the shower curtain. How do you shower with your bird? Do they like it?
  2. faislaq

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    Just take it slow. Try not to move him into the spray, but you can stand or hold your arm in a way that gives him the option. We made a shower perch out of pvc that hung over our shower door & had 2 different levels so he could decide how close he wanted to get to the water. Sometimes I would hold my hand in front of the spray to make a mist out to the side for him, but was less of a fan of the shower itself. He preferred baths in the sink or in his bowls. But the steam is still good for them even if they don't get soaked.

    Here is his perch before we added the 2nd level. We sanded the pvc to make it less slippery.


    Now we have a goffin cockatoo who loves showers. She started out just enjoying the steam from the shower door, then started hanging onto the door and leaning farther and farther into the shower. Within a few weeks she started jumping down to my husband's shoulder and back to the door. Now only a couple months later and she hops back and forth a lot and will even walk into the spray a few times. :D She's not up for full showers every day, sometimes she just sits on the door and preens, but she'll usually get good and soaked a couple of times a week.[​IMG] Here she is doing one of her backbends from the top of the door:

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