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Rope Toys?

Discussion in 'Lorikeet Lane' started by jimray, 5/30/18.

  1. jimray

    jimray Checking out the neighborhood

    I have a Rainbow Lori, just recently got him. I've read on some places not to use toys that have rope in them as it might cause a blockage in their system and kill them. I'm skeptical about this issue, partly because they eat mostly liquid and pureed foods, because of this I don't see them identifying rope as food. Also, it seems most parrot toys are in fact made of rope.

    Has anyone here kept Rainbow Lori's and had rope toys or have any experience or thoughts on this issue?

    Thank you
  2. Mizzely

    Mizzely Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran Vendor BINGO CHAMPION

    Northern Michigan
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    Some birds chew on rope and do indeed ingest some fibers and they get stuck in the crop. For some birds, the other issue is that they make long strings that they can get tangled up on. However, most birds are safe with them. If they shred the rope just make sure to replace it :)
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  3. JAM

    JAM Biking along the boulevard Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Veteran

    None of my lories have rope toys and this is also on my vet’s recommendation. Mine love chewing it’s kind of like a sport to them so they only have natural materials like wood and other items like plastic toys.

    I’ve had one of mine autopsied and had a small mass of fibres in his crop. This was not the ultimate cause of his death but over time would have been.

    Up to you with what you decide.
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  4. simon777

    simon777 Walking the driveway

    parakai new zealand
    I have hemp ropes around for climbing and walking along. simon usually has his breakfast and his dinner wet mixes on the ropes, he likes to wipe his beak against the hemp rope but I have never seen him chew it. also my avian vet said the hemp rope was rough enough to help keep nails in better condition. there is absolutely no thc in hemp rope; in case you where worried.

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