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Ringneck Weaning, Biting/Food Rejection Problem

Discussion in 'Behavior Byway' started by A.V, 6/6/18.

  1. A.V

    A.V Moving in

    I currently have an approx. 8 week old ringneck, and we are undergoing the weaning process. Yet around 4 days ago he/she began exhibiting the following behavior:

    -Spending most of his/her time in the cage desperately flapping and jumping around to be let out

    -Rejecting 2/3 daily formula feedings (only eats a bit of the nighttime round)

    -Won’t eat any of the foods we provide in the cage (fruit, veggies, etc.)

    -As of today began biting/attacking our hands

    The events that lead up to this are as follows:

    -At approx. 5 weeks old: Kept in an empty, clean, transparent glass tank in between formula feedings, constantly exposed to us around the house, taken out periodically

    -Approx. 10 days ago, transitioned to a temporary cage (26Lx14Wx22H”) and began being introduced to/eating fruits & veggies by him/her self from bowls

    We are gravely concerned and would appreciate any feedback/info. Also, I would like to know if anybody could please provide or direct me towards first hand literature regarding the proper sizes of transitioning cages during this period of weaning.

    Thank you!

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