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Ringneck has become more scared

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by xxbluedragonxx, 7/27/18.

  1. Eloy

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    Then continue doing what you are doing. No demands, no step up! First you build a strong trusting bond before anything else. If he want to be on your shoulder, let him, but don't touch him!
    Give him some treats (you can put them in his bowl, then walk away) and do that often.
    Feeding is caring (and also a way to tell them that you love them) in parrots languish.

    You will see that if you have patience in the beginning and take it slow, it will go very fast to tame them, but if you don't every demand or if you scare them/or put to much pressure to them it will go really really slow.
    And once you have created a strong trusted bond, you can do almost anything you want with them. So it is worth it! :)
  2. LesBirdman

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    Leslie Wessling
    Not really, I got mine at 5 months old, which is a bit late really. She wasn't too keen on me until after we got home together. I just let her do her thing while she watched me set up her cage, left some treats by the door of her carrier and she made her own way out. I had her stepping up unreliably by the end of day one and since then she has (until her first moult) been an absolute gem pretty much all the time.

    I spent a lot of time with her in the beginning though, just watching her body language and being clear with mine. I also said what I was going to do and now she seems to understand what I want and if she needs to she can move out of the way or be ready for things like a hand entering her cage.

    Lucky's cage is a lot bigger than the one Op has too, it's about a metre tall and wide and half a metre deep so it's pretty big, I'd be happy with anything up to an umbrella cockatoo in a cage that big.
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