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Rainbow Lorikeet basic questions

Discussion in 'Lorikeet Lane' started by LorikeetBullet, 6/15/18 at 12:12 AM.

  1. LorikeetBullet

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    I have a 12(ish) month old Rainbow Lorikeet by the name of Chester. I unfortunately don't know if it is a female or male but he/she is great and healthy from what I can tell. I have a few basic questions that I was hoping someone can help with.

    1) He will often start to scratch with only one foot. This can go on for a while, usually scratches the bottom of his cage or sometimes his food bowl with wet mix. What does this behaviour usually mean?

    2) Enrichment - Is there any great, preferable homemade suggestions for some more enrichment for my lorikeet. I have gone through a few toys (favourite is the little cat toy balls or anything that makes a bell noise) but at this point it is becoming quite costly to keep buying new things to test.

    Any help would be appreciated and I will do some more reading through previous threads to see if I can find any answers.
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