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Quaker Compared to Conure

Discussion in 'Quaker Causeway' started by Skippy, 2/21/19.

  1. Skippy

    Skippy Meeting neighbors

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    I have previously had quakers and am now strongly considering a green cheek conure. I would love hearing from you if you have had both quakers and green cheeks. At this point I expect to have just the one bird, at least for a while. From your experience, which would do better being the only bird in the house? I am retired and can spend a lot of time with it. How do they compare as far as personality and playfulness? I know how exceptional quakers are with talking and interacting with their owner. I don't believe green cheeks are quite the talkers; maybe you can comment on that as well. I adored my quakers but am very intrigued with the green cheeks. I realize all birds are different, but would love your feedback. Thanks!

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