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Pigeons vs Ringneck Doves as Companions

Discussion in 'Softbill Circle' started by Fawnia, 3/8/19.

  1. Fawnia

    Fawnia Meeting neighbors

    currently I have 2 budgies who are a joy to watch, but don't like to be to be held, which I understand.
    I really want a bird that I can hold and get along with though.
    Sadly, with my busy work schedule, I feel like getting a parrot would not be the right choice, for I know they are very needy.
    Thus, I know pigeons and doves are much lower maintenance, and are very affectionate, so I feel like that would be the better choice for a person like me.

    I know the physical difference between and pigeon and ring-neck dove, but can someone give me the difference between the two as pets?

    Which one do you think makes a better cuddle companion?

    Also, nobody seems to hand raise pigeons/doves here, so are parent raised pigeons/doves easy to hand tame?

  2. BlueDoraBarry

    BlueDoraBarry Walking the driveway

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    before getting my IRN, I wanted to get a pair of pigeons, so I've done a bit of research. There isn't much of a difference between their temperament, and; just like parrots, everyone is an individual. If you are to get a parent raised pigeon, make sure you get one that is very young, 1-3 months maybe. I've been told by another pigeon owner on a different forum, that adult pigeons and doves (for the most part) won't tame. After hearing this you may want to hand raise them, but since they get special digestive enzymes from their parents in the first 3 days of their life, you would need to find these enzymes and supplement them, otherwise, they won't be able to digest their food. The best time to get a pigeon/dove is when they are at their pinfeather stage which I believe is around 10 days old. I've been told that "You can feed pigeons any parrot formula, but a formula for seed eaters is best. If this isn't available to you, you can get Cerelac instead, just make sure it is vegetable flavored and doesn't have any milk powder." I am not sure about the Cerelac but people say it gives good results. I, too, think a formula for seed eaters is best, like canaries for example; since they both have similar mainly seed diets.

    BTW, I prefer pigeons over doves because if they fly away they can find their "nest" back, doves, unfortunately, do not have this ability.

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