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Ouch ouch ouch

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by Feathered up, 10/4/18.

  1. Feathered up

    Feathered up Sprinting down the street

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    Pavi has made great strides becoming less afraid of my hands. Today he was stepping into my hand from the top of the iPad without hesitation. He was also taking safflower seeds from my right hand while sitting on my left. I gritted my teeth through his test bites and distracted him with treats when he decided CHEWING my finger off might yield a foot toy he could carry around. Lol. That’s baby bird stuff. Oh look it doesn’t kill me, it’s a toy!

    Unfortunately, tonight he decided that the iPad is his and his alone and began attacking my hands at random and without warning. I have a bruised nail to show for his new found confidence:sad2: I was able to turn the situation around and had him stepping onto my hand before bedtime. He tends to get very chewy and grumpy at bedtime, like most youngsters do.

    I know that Ringnecks go through a stage where bites are common. I’m not sure what age that typically occurs. So I don’t know if we are getting into that phase or if this is just the typical, “hey, She isn’t going to kill me, let’s see how much I can get away with” stuff.

    Either way, with progress comes pain and nothing reminds you of that quite like a biting parrot. Lol
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  2. expressmailtome

    expressmailtome Ripping up the road Administrator Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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    I hope that things improve.
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  3. LesBirdman

    LesBirdman Meeting neighbors

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    Leslie Wessling
    Lucky is going through her second bluffing stage, I say bluffing because she isn't biting in earnest and never has. Sometimes she draws a small amount of blood but it's nothing compared to what I know she can do. She is simply developing a sense of territorialism over her cage, which is her space. This coincides with her first moult so I'm not phased, I take the bites in stride and teach her that cooperating is in both our best interests.

    Lucky hates my phone, probably because if my attention isn't focused on her I'm doing something on my phone and there's nothing a parrot hates than being ignored. If I'm on the phone she's cool with that but if I'm looking at and tapping away at my phone she makes it clear she wants attention. Maybe it's the same with your iPad?

    Progress is always back and forth, patience is a virtue in life and necessary when your fid is 3 forever.
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  4. Fergus Mom

    Fergus Mom Rollerblading along the road

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    I still get grumpy sometimes at bedtime! I don't WANNA go to bed LOL!

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