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Oh Slade. . .

Discussion in 'Poicephalus Place' started by AkasyaEllric, 4/6/18.

  1. AkasyaEllric

    AkasyaEllric Sprinting down the street

    Pittsburgh, PA
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    So he's gotten quite hormonal. I'm honestly not that experienced with hormones other then Ollie and even when he bites it's really nothing. He's been defensive, striking out, etc. A friend suggested it could even be displaced aggression because he isn't getting what he wants from me, since I still can't trust him, obviously, I don't let him be with me 100% of the time, or on my shoulder, or even pet him quite as much as he wants since he does the bait and switch.

    I've also don't want to ignore my other 2 birds since even though they prefer 2 other people, I'm the one home with them. They all have to also get out time separately as well, which Slade seems almost jealous when I pay attention to the others. I thought that I was imagining things though. I started making him more the center of my attention and he got calmer again. Just extra treats, more talking to him, etc.

    Well, today I got skirt danced! I had to laugh. I guess everything we were thinking was true. I let him down gently and told him that although I'm flattered, I don't want his babies and it would never work out. It makes more sense why he attacked my husband last weekend now too. Like, latched on grinding beak, wouldn't let go, attack. Then attacked his shoes.

    It's definitely trying, but with you guys and the support I have behind me, I know I can figure my little buddy out!
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  2. Mizzely

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    I'm glad you are still making progress! Hormones make everything terrible, especially with a new bird you don't quite know all the body language and quirks for!
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