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New Tricks for baby bird?

Discussion in 'The Training Court' started by Noah, 5/21/17.

  1. Noah

    Noah Sitting on the front steps

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    Noah Smith
    If you've seen any of my previous posts, you know that my baby conure, Jasper, is developing quickly. If you haven't seen my posts, i'll let you in on it.

    I have a baby Cinnamon GGC named Jasper. For a while, we were just teaching him how to get off of bad habits like biting, but then we noticed something. We had unintentionally been teaching him how to roll over. We would hold him on his back whenever we needed to hold him for a little bit but didn't want him climbing up on our shoulders. He liked this, and eventually, he started rolling over into our hands! We kept doing this, and now he rolls over on his back for belly rubs when he wants them! This is a cute new trick, but now I want to teach him more.

    The rolling over trick was unintentional, but it worked out. But now I want to actually teach him something. Any good beginner tricks for a baby conure? Keep in mind, he's stubborn when he doesn't get his way, so if he doesn't want to do it it will take a lot longer. So a few suggestions rather than one would be great! (He knows how to laugh, make kissing noises, and he knows a few phrases, so i'm looking more for physical tricks rather than vocal tricks)

    P.S. Unrelated, but i've only been on this website for a month or two and you guys have treated me so well! I wish I could do something more for you guys, but all I can really do is say thank you. I don't know as much about birds as you probably do, but if you need advice about conures, I'd gladly help. Conures are my specialty, but there's still a lot I don't know. So, most likely, you won't need my help, but i'd gladly do anything for you! Okay, i'm done talking now, thanks!

    P.P.S. That picture isn't Jasper. That is a picture of another Cinnamon GGC I found on this website named Leila. I did not take the picture and it does not belong to me. I'm just using it as an example.[​IMG]
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  2. Tiel Feathers

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    That's so cute how he rolls over already for belly rubs! You could try simple tricks like turning around, waving, shaking hands, and eagle wings. I think some good things to train are things to do with the care of your bird, such as trimming or filing nails, being toweled, and accepting juice from a syringe. Good luck!
  3. expressmailtome

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    I would start with target training first as it can make many tricks much easier.

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