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Need help on relationship with my cockatiels!

Discussion in 'Cockatiel Corner' started by htee, 7/11/18.

  1. htee

    htee Meeting neighbors

    We have 3 cockatiels. We've had cinnamon for 3 months just by herself and then 1 month after having her we bought 2 more tiels. Its been 2 months since we bought the 2 new tiels (3 months for cinnamon).
    Whenever i try to hold one of them or bring them away from their cage/perch, they will always try to fly back. But they always ask for head scratches when I go up to them (bowing their heads down). They always fight for my head scratches and even stop to eat and walk up to me to ask for head scratches when i kneel in front of their cage. They're not scared of my hand (they all know step up), although sometimes they will try to run if they don't want to leave their spot but they eventually walk on it when i keep putting my hand in front of them.
    My current house i recently moved into (a month ago), I have my tv/computer and parrot stand/cage all in the lounge room. We have a giant parrot stand for our 3 tiels and it's right next to our computer where we spend all day on.
    In my old house we had the birds in a different room from our computers and so whenever we wanted to play with them we would grab 1 cockatiel at a time or sometimes 2/3 altogether and put them on our shoulder or portable perch. This time they would actually stay there for hours or even the whole day. They would stay and play with my hair, ask for scratches. I used to be able to put them on my table and they would bite at my keyboard etc. We could have proper 1 on 1 time with each bird since they wouldnt try to fly out of the room. But I noticed that when I put the cage inside the room, they would sometimes try to fly back to it. So I used to keep the cage out of the room just to spend some time with them.
    Now that we have the parrot stand right next to our computers we can't even hold them for 5 seconds or put them on our table without them trying to fly back to it. I understand this might be because they're not as familiar with us but I also read online that 1 on 1 bonding with tiels will strengthen your relationship with them. But how do we do that if they keep trying to fly back when we want to play with them? I don't want to have to bring our tiels to a separate room just to play with them and i dont want to always have to stand up next to their perch or kneel by their cage just to play with them too.
    I even tried to carry all 3 of the birds on me and play with them but they still try to fly back to the cage/ perch, except for our bird cinnamon (who we had for 1 month by herself before we bought the other 2). I think cinnamon is more bonded to us since we had her for longer and also had 1 month alone with her. So she tends to stay on our hand for longer and asks for scratches but then eventually tries to go back to the cage/perch. She also has her wings heavily clipped (breeder clipped her way too much to the point where she has no flight whatsoever). So i'm not sure if she stays because she can't fly or because she actually likes us. The other 2 have their wings clipped but not like cinnamons. just a normal clip so they can still sort of fly.
    What do we do from here? Do we just keep playing with them from their perch and hopefully one day they'll feel comfortable enough to sit on our shoulder without flying back? Is there a training method we can use? like putting treats on our tables or something? Should we clip the other 2 birds like cinnamons? Please help!!
  2. sunnysmom

    sunnysmom Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran I Can't Stop Posting!

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    Welcome to the forum. First, your birds may well still be getting used to you and your new home. It's been a short period of time to a tiel. It can take months for a tiel to adjust to a new home. Also, I would discourage grabbing them to get them to come out. It's better to let them come out on their own. Can you put a perch just outside the cage door and hang a favorite toy or treat (millet spray often works wonders) to encourage them to come out on their own. I would then just continue to sit with them, talk to them, scratch them, etc. Try to move at their pace. I also am not a fan of wing clipping. It's forced dependency - making the bird be with you because he/she has no choice. And it's better mentally and physically for a bird to be flighted. As for training, you can look into target training. If you go on youtube there are videos on how to do it.
  3. Mali

    Mali Meeting neighbors

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    Some birds have quicker paces than others. A lot has gone on in their world in the short time you have had them they are still getting used to you and now new surroundings again. Continue to talk to them. Offer treats and head scratches, if they get on your hands and shoulders willingly and then fly to the perch maybe you can remove the perch. Try and make what you are doing seem fun and interesting to them. I am sure others with more experience will have suggestions, but hang in there. I wouldn't clip the other ones wings.
  4. Tiel Feathers

    Tiel Feathers Cruising the avenue Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award

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    Good suggestions so far. Maybe you could put their favorite treat on your lap, so they will stay on you longer. Save this treat for only this. Make sure you reward them every time they step up and hang out on you, even if it’s just for a little bit. If your cinnamon is eating millet or something yummy while on you, the others might come over to get some too.
  5. finchly

    finchly Biking along the boulevard Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Vendor

    SW Florida
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    Another idea, I have a small ‘tree’ on my desk so mine can perch on it when they get tired of the top of the cages and my shoulder. That way they’re still hanging out with me.
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  6. Monica

    Monica Biking along the boulevard Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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    I don't agree that you must work with birds 1 on 1 to tame them, nor do I agree with the idea that you must remove them from where they are most comfortable in order to work with them... or clipping their wings.

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