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Mille Fleurs

Discussion in 'Poultry Row' started by Distaff, 11/11/17.

  1. Distaff

    Distaff Sprinting down the street

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    The current flock of Silver Dorkings haven't been laying. I realize it is Fall, but they didn't lay much all summer, despite good food, good fresh pasture, and good shelter. They are beautiful birds, but I suspect they just come from an unproductive line.

    Anyway, I'd like some more eggs, but I didn't want to deal with mail-order baby chicks. It's a ton of work, and a six month wait until the pullet lays an egg. I asked my neighbour if he had any extras of something that I could buy, and he did.

    So, I took home two pretty brown speckled gals who are nearly full grown. They have their own snug little house/pen for now, and will be allowed out to forage once they get used to the place.
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  2. Wasabisaurus

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    Pictures please. I have not seen the new ladies. :)
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