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Marley is now an anti-box bird!

Discussion in 'Nursery Rhyme Drive' started by Belinda Zeh, 3/23/18.

  1. Belinda Zeh

    Belinda Zeh Checking out the neighborhood

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    My sweet Marley, a 10 week old Harlequin Macaw, has decided he no longer wants to be in his box. He is climbing out every time he is not sleeping. Does anyone have any advice on how to make his transition from box to his new cage less stressful for him? He is still being hand fed, not quite eating a lot of kibble or fresh fruit, and for his own safety, it is time. He is quite adamant about being out of his box. This started yesterday, and as he is very smart, it is now constant. Unless he is sleeping. This is my first time posting, and I love reading the posts already up. Thank you, guys!
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  2. WallyLoopey

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    Welcome! :)

    You could put his box in the bottom lf his cage and put some perches very low for him to get used to.

    Some anti-pill fleece for a soft spot in case he falls. If the box itself is dangerous from him tipping it, you could attach it to the side of the cage so that it doesn’t tip when he climbs in and out.
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