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Losing feathers?

Discussion in 'Canary & Finch Court' started by paulinepar, 5/16/17.

  1. paulinepar

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    Plz help any suggestions would be helpful

    I am really trying to find out if my canary is just molting or is sick of some sort.
    She is a female i am not sure on her age as she doesn't have a band on her leg. I know it's a female as the owner at the pet store mentioned to me. She had 4 babies last year and ever since then it seems like she has lost most of the feathers around her beak and bottom of the neck area. I am not sure what to do with her anymore. I have tried giving her medicine for scaly mites although she is a house bird. I only put her out when the weather is nice for about 1 hr and then she comes back in.

    Recently i caught her rubbing her face against the cage bars. I am not sure if she is itchy or she has found a bad habit of rubbing her face against it. Anybody else's bird have this or do this? If so what might of caused this and how can i help her get her feathers back?

    Her cage is always clean i give her a bath once a week. She gets fresh water daily. I give her fresh lettuce and a boiled egg once a week besides her seeds. Her droppings are normal. no diarrhea or discoloring.

    Lastly, I have noticed her dropping a few big feathers. When is probably an indication of a molt, however, the feather loss by her beak and neck area has been missing since last year after having 4 chicks.

    20170516_144327 (1).jpg 20170516_144327.jpg 20170516_144327.jpg 20170516_144327.jpg
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