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Just a fun post :)

Discussion in 'Eclectus Alley' started by MagpieDragon, 11/13/17.

  1. MagpieDragon

    MagpieDragon Meeting neighbors

    You may not have seen me here, or even at all, as I don't have an ekky. But I saw something really cool on the weekend that I just had to share!
    So, I went to a pet shop that we don't usually go to, and we were just about to leave when a lady brought in her very handsome male ekky! To be honest, I was surprised how well behaved he was- he didn't bite any of the people he was passed to (including myself), spoke politely, and lay on his back on cue!
    Just wanted to share ;)
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  2. expressmailtome

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    It is nice when your first experience with a species is positive.

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