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Urgent Ivan is very sick and vets don't know what's wrong! He needs our help!

Discussion in 'Bird Emergency Highway 911' started by twrigles05, 9/29/17.

  1. twrigles05

    twrigles05 Moving in

    I have an update.

    The 4th vet (Dr. Strunk at Center for Avian and Exotic Animal Medicince in Bothell, WA) saw Ivan and tested him for Asper, Heavy Metal Toxicity, and Fecal Float for Parasites. The good news is.........they were all negative!

    The bad news is.....we still don't know whats wrong with Ivan. That's partly why I haven't updated this thread [​IMG] Still at square one and not sure what to do. After the holidays, I'm going to take Ivan back to the vet and do a crop swab since his crop is still swollen and he keeps plucking that area. Worth a try.

    Anyways, thanks again everyone for your concern and thoughts. Keep Ivan in your prayers and I will definitely update this again if I ever find out the diagnosis and/or cure to what's wrong with Ivan.
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  2. carkam

    carkam Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran

    Edmonds, WA
    I lost my sweet boy to am unknown illness. I had asked if it could be aspergillosis and was told no by two vets. My second bird has been ill for over a year and they couldn't find what was wrong. He was diagnosed with heart disease and put on heart medication and an antibiotic spent two nights in the hospital and will see his vet today. They called yesterday and after reading his radiographs they think it is aspergillosis! I had asked about it several times when my other bird was still living. This is very scary and I don't know why they would get it. I clean and disenfected their cages daily, clean water no visible mold but I live in the Seattle area so it is not unusual. How do I prevent it?

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