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Is my cockatiel eating too much?

Discussion in 'Behavior Byway' started by Diana.x, 6/14/18.

  1. Diana.x

    Diana.x Checking out the neighborhood

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    Diana Floroiu
    ok, so i jus got a cockatiel last week, and i cant help but been confused aboit some things....for exemple, i dont know if is normal for young birds to eat a lot? Because Locki spends a lot of his time around his seed bowl...and he eats a lot....the cage is always open when im in the room, and he rearly flays out of it by himself...it could be the fact that he is still in a new enviroment...yesterday he got out by himself....usualy i take him on my finger or my head and he is ok with it...flys arownd the room, sits on the furniture, cames back at me or on his cage, but when he goes back in he eats again....is this normal or should i wory? Also he was used to only eat seed....i try to vary his diet....i tried to feed him multiple vegetables and hard boiled egg...wich he seem to like, along fresh cut carrots....bit im wondering hiw exactly should i feed him....do i let the bowl with seeds in his cage all day and change it regulary and give him fresh fruits or veggies and eggs to supliment his diet.....or do i feed him myself at regular hours so he dosent have acces at his seeds all the time....please help me.
  2. sunnysmom

    sunnysmom Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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    Cockatiels rarely over eat. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. You can weigh your tiel and keep track of his weight. It's a good idea as weight loss is often a sign of illness. It's great that he's eating vegetables already. Opinions vary on "best" diet for tiels but I fed my tiel 50% seeds, 10-15% nutriberries and the rest vegetables and grains (like rice, pasta, etc.) I left seed in his cage all the time and then would give him fresh food in the morning and evenings.
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  3. Tiel Feathers

    Tiel Feathers Cruising the avenue Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award

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    Congratulations on your new tiel! Cockatiels eat frequently, so I wouldn’t worry about your bird overeating. You should feed your bird pellets and seed that they can eat throughout the day, and supplement this with plenty out fresh foods. It’s great he likes carrots already. Some other good choices are leafy greens, broccoli, sweet potatoes, green beans, and zucchini. Sprouts that you make yourself are also very nutritious for your bird.
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