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How long did it take your new IRN to start making noise?

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by Jadec22, 10/6/19.

  1. Jadec22

    Jadec22 Sitting on the front steps

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    So I have 2 birds: my GCC called Kiki and then my newer IRN (yet to be officially named so some parts may sound a little impersonal as I'll just refer to her/him as IRN but its just because I can't choose between 3 names and still awaiting DNA testing :lol:)

    So far I am keeping the birds separated in different rooms for a mini quarantine period (well as much as possible in one house). So any time I get my IRN out its either with just me or sometimes with my boyfriend.

    I've had my IRN for about 3 weeks now so I know she will still be settling in but I was wondering what other peoples experiences were with their new birds and them making noise?

    So far she's been dead silent most of the time - the only time I've heard her make any kind of chirp is when I as watching a youtube video and there was a IRN making some of the high pitched calling sounds and she responded.

    I only have my GCC Kiki to compare her to but she was a feisty little thing from day 2 so did not take long to settle in and make all her normal noises whereas my IRN is a lot more timid/gentle - shes definitely taking things at a much slow pace (which is absolutely fine by me)

    I'll attach some pictures and hopefully a video to the post of her (excuse any drawing I'm a little self conscious so have blurred myself out) So far shes a fantastic little eater and will eat any fruit/veggie I give either from my hand or a bowl, she was clipped by the breeder so is very clumsy but she is stepping up, she's accepting time sitting with me/not just on one of the playstands and she is also accepting scritches but I can't tell if shes just tolerating them or actually enjoying them :hehe: as I know they are known for being more hands off.

    Anyways any experiences/stories of peoples IRNs will help! Pika 6.jpg

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  2. expressmailtome

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  3. GoDucks

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  4. fashionfobie

    fashionfobie Rollerblading along the road

    Qld, Australia
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    My Plumhead took about 1 week to come to me. If I think back on it, it took him a long time to start getting more chatty. He is actually a pretty quiet bird even now. He gets chatty after breakfast, in the middle of the day for a short while and then before bed. Though most of the time you could hear a pin drop, if not for my other birds :)

    IRN and other Asiatics are calculated and observant. Give it time! The birdie bird will find their stride soon enough.
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