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How Do I Love Thee Poem Contest Voting

Discussion in 'Contest Corner' started by Macawnutz, 8/23/16.


Which Poem is Your Favorite?

Poll closed 8/31/16.
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  1. Macawnutz

    Macawnutz Gone Nutz! Super Administrator AA Advertising Exec Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Real Name:

    Please choose one poem as your favorite.
    Voting closes 8/31/2016
    Oh, I have a swing
    It's my most favorite thing
    While I'm on this toy,
    I'm filled with the uttermost joy!

    It looks like a spring
    And on it I'll sing and I'll sing
    It's really quite simple
    I'm not crazy for all of that birdy bling
    It's just some string and beads
    I'm very easy to please! (Just don't tell dad that!)

    Oh, how I love my swing
    So thanks so much, Stephanie!
    You have made a perfect toy recipe
    Oh how I love my swing!

    Original Poem By: His Royal Higness (Jester/nuisance) whoops who wrote that

    The Intruder

    A new thing came into my cage today,
    So many textures, and colors, dangling, swaying before me.
    I keep an eye on it as I grab a pellet,
    daring it to move toward me.
    It's near my favorite perch and I don't like it there.
    I give a warning call,
    letting my flock mate know that an intruder has appeared in our midst.
    I decide to sleep elsewhere tonight just to be sure it means no harm.

    Weeks go by, and it hasn't moved.
    I decide to risk going back to my favorite perch.
    I brush too close, and the stranger comes back at me!
    I rally my battle cry and strike!

    The balsa melts between my beak.
    The yucca powders as I bite.
    The pine resists, but chips away and falls to the floor.
    I grab the leather with my talons and crunch the beads.

    An hour later, the carnage is laid out beneath me,
    and the skeleton dangles as a warning.

    The Keeper sees the destruction, catalogs it with photos, and croons at me.
    I bob my head and puff my head in satisfaction.
    She removes the body and I am safe.

    Then she puts in a new foe...
    I'm keeping my eye on it. Just in case.


    Nando is my name,
    Chewing is my game.
    Wood? No biggy.
    Rope? Never tricky.

    I love making my mommy spend money on me,
    Every day is a shopping spree.
    New toys! New toys!
    Playing is what I enjoy!

    Some may say I’m pampered,
    But as long as I have plenty of toys, I’ll never be angered.
    Sqauky as I may seem,
    I could never be mean.

    This poem goes out to you mommy,
    Thank you for spoiling me!


    My name is Grumbles.
    And I grumble and mumble.
    I love toys- but only some,
    Only the best natural toys for me.

    Color they say- I say no way.
    Shredding all day- that's how I play!

    I love my cork perch very much- and plain balsa is my rush! I play all day- on the natural toy train- and love natural so much!

    (Dedicated to my awsum mom and @parrothotel:D)


    The Hunt

    She's on a hunt, a hunt she says.
    Looks hi, looks low, looks to, looks fro
    looks up, looks down, looks all around

    A string, a book, some rolled up thing
    A cup, a cap, whatever is that
    A cloth, a towel, a big fluffy hat

    She's doing a search, a search for me
    looking for that needle under the hay
    To find me a gift, a gift or three

    I ask not much, not much I ask
    Just bring me a toy, a toy with to play
    To wrestle, to tug, to rend and fray

    She's on a hunt, she hunts all day
    No money to spend, but that's OK
    She looked all day, she looked all night

    And right before bed, she found the one
    The perfect piece, the exact thing for me
    A soft piece of fleece, all fuzzy and fun

    I can wriggle up tight, snuggle all night
    In the morning I'll play. I'll pull and fight
    My new soft toy, my new delight

    I love the girl, that girl of mine
    She was on hunt, a hunt she said
    She did it for me, she did just fine


    My Water Bowl

    As I sit here on my bowl,
    the water beneath me begins to glow.
    A pretty green like shades of waves
    obviously I didn't behave!

    Sometimes you just have to poop,
    water bowl be damned looks like pea soup!
    do I dare taste it with my beak?
    I just can't touch it with my feet.

    I was a very naughty bird,
    using my bowl to drop a turd!
    Now mom is on her way to me
    wait till she sees the color of peas.

    Keene, young lady that's not polite
    going potty in water is a fright!
    I climb up onto my boing swing
    as mom removes the stinky thing.

    Fresh clear water appears so thirsty I drink
    Mom shakes her head and gives me a wink
    As she leaves I have to smile
    the pea green soup will be back in a little while!


    I was loved.

    But then my world exploded around me.
    A giant of giants, a huge enemy
    Hands and scary things and no way out.....
    Why, oh why, did this come about?

    Years passed, and a home I found
    I could be content where this zoo did abound
    A giant of giants but gentle was she
    Orange marmalade on toast, breakfast shared with me

    We would grow old together or so I thought
    But time kept moving and life would be wrought
    Death does happen, giants can't control those things
    I'm cramped within wires, no room to spread wings

    Then life turned again. A giant of giants appeared
    Could it be? Once again life had veered.
    I'm not happy, not thrilled, in fact I'm quite pissed
    Let's see how the giant likes it, when I do nothing but hiss

    Two giants live here and I've made awful noise
    Despite my hissing and biting, I still get more toys
    They murmur softly. I'm starting to be less stressed.
    Clearly I've landed in a place where I'm blessed

    I am loved.


    As I stood eating my cookie with much haste,
    crumbs began to fall all over the place.
    Then, all of a sudden without much notice,
    my servant approaches with a look of glee.
    What is this thing, she has placed before me?
    It's quite large, and rather scary,
    What is this in my home? I am rather wary...
    Is it friend or foe? What is it? I must know!
    I threw my head up, and whipped it back down.
    I then dashed from side to side, making sure to stretch my wings wide;
    Yet the intruder stood still, and refused to hide.
    I let out my most fierce battle cry, and across my cage I did fly.
    "Brace yourself intruder, prepare to die!;"
    I chomped, and I scratched at it as I chattered obscenely,
    but the damage was minimal, I realized most keenly.
    I continued to bite and tear at the object quite meanly;
    Finally success! Bits and pieces started falling, as it shook to and fro.
    "Just look at all those pieces in my cage down below!"
    "It's time for round two intruder, you're just about done!
    Oh wait a minute, this is actually quite fun.
    Could it be, that It's not an intruder, rather a play-thing?"
    What a silly bird you must think I to be;
    human, you better stop laughing at me!


    From an egg I was born, of that I had no choice,
    my real mum was so cute and had such a sweet voice.

    In time i could fly and my small feathers I did show,
    but that didn’t matter because they removed them as well.

    Then they took my brothers and sisters away, to a place where I could not stay.
    In time it was me who was longing, not knowing if I was coming or going!

    I grew lonely even though I was singing a song, I felt abandoned and also needed to belong!
    Then one day a man took me away… to a place and a home where I could do absolutely nothing wrong.

    He called me Pilo, such a strange name, but I could see my future getting better, my life not a game.
    My Dad filled my cage with new toys and great food, even though I destroyed them, he didn’t think I was rude!

    With an abundance of love he gave me a need… to be happy and complete, for my life to succeed.
    I well never know if my siblings are alive… I just know that I have what I need to survive.

    Thank you Dad for giving me a great home… God knows I am happy and will never be alone!
    Now its time for my bed, I’m in my glory… Good night all at A.A. who love a great story.


    Told from the perspective of my YNA, Sami ^^

    Once my world was:
    eighteen inches by eighteen inches
    not enough space for even finches.
    I had a single bead and bell
    but if I rang it she would yell.
    Just a single dowel rod
    and an angry human God
    of infinite rage
    who struck my cage.
    For fourteen years
    I lived with my fears.
    Then I didn't feel good
    didn't want any food.
    I was taken away
    for my good, they would say.
    The new room was bright
    and I put up a fight
    but I was so weak
    I could hardly use my beak.

    But now...
    My beak is STRONG
    I use it all day long:
    I squawk as I please
    climb branches from trees
    eating nuts and fruits
    and pellets to boot.
    I guess I'm a good boy
    because here's another toy.
    I lay into it with glee,
    it's wood and can not flee.
    I will tear it apart
    with a happy heart
    Yes, things are looking up for me.


    Its mine Its mine,
    I tell the world.
    Its green and purple,
    Its fun to hurl.
    It jingles , It jangles
    It rolls along.
    I love it so much,
    I sing it songs.
    Its a ball,
    But so much more.
    Its my reason,
    To visit my cage floor.
    Mama cant touch it,
    Or I will bite.
    I even cuddle it
    When I go nite nite.
    My auntie sent it,
    And its my favorite toy.
    Its mine its mine
    Oh boy oh boy
  2. expressmailtome

    expressmailtome Ripping up the road Administrator Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Veteran

    Real Name:
    Good luck to everyone who entered!
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  3. Greycloud

    Greycloud Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Baltimore, Maryland
    Real Name:
    Let's see some votes here gang!!:fairy2:
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  4. Percy&Ivan

    Percy&Ivan Rollerblading along the road Shutterbugs' Best

    Soooooooo Hard
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  5. Moshimaru

    Moshimaru Sprinting down the street

    Voted! What a lovely group of poets we've got here at AA!
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  6. camelotshadow

    camelotshadow Cruising the avenue Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Veteran

    S California
    They all were cute but that poop one really made me laugh!

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  7. Mizzely

    Mizzely Cruising the avenue Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Northern Michigan
    Real Name:
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  8. Macawnutz

    Macawnutz Gone Nutz! Super Administrator AA Advertising Exec Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Real Name:
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