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Pictures health related questions, new owner to a blue & gold macaw

Discussion in 'Diseases' started by Qusai, 12/28/18.

  1. Qusai

    Qusai Checking out the neighborhood

    Hello All
    New here, please give me feedback on my postings

    below is my new blue and gold macaw Calypso, her owner said she was hand fed and was roughly ~5 years old. However, the past owner used to give it oreos and unhealthy stuff like that in addition to pellet and seeds and occasional fruits, both him and his girlfriend both working full-time jobs so he re-homed it to me because it was lacking attention.
    First thing i did was cut out the garbage and fixed it's diet. It has been roughly 2-3 weeks since i got it and it has been on its new diet of pellet, seed, fruits and veggies and I have noticed a visual appearance of increase in plumage and a healthier overall look. Her poop looks like the way it should according to other articles and does not smell. When I initially got the bird I noticed she had some bald spots (bilateral on edge of wings and under wings on breast) and am wondering if this is something to be worried about. She is very friendly so far and loves our attention. We saw her pluck one feather time the second day we got her and have not seen her do so since.

    No past medical history on blood work, medical conditions or vet visits at this time.

    Thank you!


    pictures below (please note, i took these pictures before discovering what pin feathers were and opened up the ones that were mature near her head thanks to another thread on here)

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  2. Hankmacaw

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    Mary Lynn Skinner
  3. Shezbug

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    Vic, Australia
    Welcome @Quasi :)
    Congratulations on getting Calypso and trying to change her diet to one that is a little more suited to her health needs. I am not sure about the feathers so I can not help there with that but I am sure some one with more knowledge will be along to help you some time soon.
  4. Mizzely

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    Those spots look like she was plucking, which can be medixal, related to malnutrition, or behavioral. Over time if done enough, it can lead to follicle damage and feathers may not grow back
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