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Hawk heads in multibird household?

Discussion in 'Hawkhead Trail' started by cat99, 5/23/19.

  1. cat99

    cat99 Moving in

    I’m considering bring home a hawk head and I’m wondering if anybody has one in home with multiple other med to large parrots . There’s s little info out there And it mostly seems somewhat negative.

    This hawkhead would be a handraised juvenile and would be coming into a home with IRN and Cape. And a yorkie. It’s just me and the parrots and I’m home a great deal and never work more than 3-4 partial days a week.

    Any input welcome. I have a dedicated bird room for when I’m gone and sleeping and my birds are on playstands and flighted when I’m home.
  2. expressmailtome

    expressmailtome Ripping up the road Administrator Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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  3. whichlinda

    whichlinda Checking out the neighborhood

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    I have both a hawkhead (Aurora) and african grey (Achilles) parrot. They get along very well. They share the same cage and also are affectionate with each other. Aurora gets along very well with 3 of my dogs which are shiba inus. I got both of the parrots as juveniles. Hope this helps.
  4. Eloy

    Eloy Cruising the avenue Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran Shutterbugs' Best

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    How big are that cage?
    That is not something I recommend...
    That explain a part, but wait and watch out when they get hormonal.
    What do you mean by that? Are they allowed to interact with each other?
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  5. camelotshadow

    camelotshadow Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Veteran I Can't Stop Posting!

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    Bring home whatever you have the time, energy, funds & space etc to share between all of them & have them all lead a nice safe life.

    I would not expect any shared cages or even unsupervised out time in a bird room.

    Possible is still its not the norm & like said it has to be monitored as even same species brother & sister caged & raised together can get to a certain age decide they can't get along & get into fights that can cause injury.

    A grey & hawkhead are about the same size with the grey probably weighing more if its a Congo.

    Cape & IRN all have toes & feet & eyes & fights can be dangerous.

    In the interest of safety any adult birds introduced need to be supervised when out of the cages. Just take a second for someone to lose a limb or get seriously injured. Add a dog or cat to the equation & life can become complicated.

    Never met another hawkhead but Penny. Have done alot of research. Its going to heavily depend upon how they were reared & the life they have had whether they can be a good pet. They can be high strung birds & can be a handful.
    It can just happen. You have to be a very calm person & set a routine. I think if you have a busy house with alot going on it could introduce alot of confusion.

    If its just you & you only work part time it could work.


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