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Has any one had problems with recent Windows update crashing computer?

Discussion in 'Comment Court' started by Hawk12237, 5/11/19.

  1. Hawk12237

    Hawk12237 Rollerblading along the road

    Frankenmuth, Michigan
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    Will it clone the operating system, Windows 10? Or just boot files? Still stumped on this other computer. All network drivers were wiped.
    Tried doing a reset of Windows 10, wouldn't take. So I wiped drive. Started a clean install of Windows 7 pro. ( as Windows 10 was off net, and can't access it. But figured, if I put 7 on it, I could get back on line and down load 10. That didn't happen. Network files are not letting it turn on.
    So, next step would be using a CD version of 10 in hopes it sets network drives correctly.
    What's your take?
  2. BertAllen

    BertAllen Jogging around the block

    Everything is susceptible to being hacked even Macs.

    I did a bit of coding 12 years ago for fun but haven't since. I know enough to be dangerous to my OS. :)

    I would think you would need to clean the HD well then reinstall W10. It should then install drivers as needed.
  3. Dartman

    Dartman Biking along the boulevard Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

    Portland Oregon
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    It will clone any windows os you have. I just did my backup 7 box from my 500 gig enterprise drive to a new 480gig ssd and it booted and ran like nothing had changed. I have done 10 with it too but I was going small ssd to another 480gig ssd to give it room to run my favorite programs faster too. That one was picky and I had to run the boot repair option, but it did work out fine eventually. Trick is don't mess with the original drive till you know the new one is good to go. I tried to get my old 7 drive to boot after I deleted the recovery partition and all that to gain space and loose the extra drive letter that got assigned to it. It wouldn't fix it but there are like 5 boot setups you can put on your usb drive and one of the newer versions probably would get it working again. It also has advanced settings where you can move, shrink, or probably just copy over only the bootable parts and not the whole drive as is. It will even do a exact sector by sector clone if you have the space and need it.
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