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Pictures Growing soooo fast!

Discussion in 'Macaw Motorway' started by Lindsay BGM BE, 2/13/18.

  1. Lindsay BGM BE

    Lindsay BGM BE Meeting neighbors

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    Our BG is with us for 10 days now. 39 days old. S/He started at 660 grams 10 days ago. This morning it was a stunning 895 grams. Loves cuddles and kisses. Starts grooming. Getting more vocal. Starts rasping with its beak. Curious if it will be a she or he. My guess is a he. After 3rd feeding tonight s/he put a 1002 grams on the scale. Still on 4 feeds tho. Think i will continue as long as s/he needs it. When did you guys start with 3 feeds a day? IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0547.JPG
  2. sunnysmom

    sunnysmom Cruising the avenue Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award I Can't Stop Posting!

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    So cute!
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  3. Fia Baby

    Fia Baby Sprinting down the street

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    He/she will tell you when to reduce the number of feedings. And then he may change his mind back and ask for an extra feeding again. You're just going to let him call the shots, watching his behavior, and never letting him go hungry. If he asks for food, definitely give it. Are you introducing any real food yet? He'll be most interested in checking it out after he's had a hand-feeding. Look at it with him, hand him bits, eat some yourself, and don't really expect him to eat much of anything at first. You can offer some thick, warm, mushy food from your fingers as well. Mashed yams with some banana and/or nut butter is a nice transition food, with lots of calories when you're stressing about how much he's eating. Corn is also good, peas, small bits of pasta... Weaning can be a slow process, and can really stress you out for a while. The morning feeding may be the first to go, as he gets more interested in playing, but follow his lead. He's cute, and you have a long way to go!! Blue and golds are adorable babies!

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