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Getting GCC used to flightsuit?

Discussion in 'The Training Court' started by kiwi203, 4/19/17.

  1. kiwi203

    kiwi203 Strolling the yard

    My year old GCC is a legal ESA (emotional support animal,) to help with my panic disorder. I purchased her a flightsuit and have been easing her to it over the past week. She will bite it, let me pet her with it (albeit while she nips at me) and she will go close to it. But if I place it near her, she'll run from it, and she will NOT go closer than an inch away. How do I get her used to this suit? Yes, it has to be a flight suit and not a harness because otherwise she'll poop everywhere in public, and there's sanitary laws. Thanks! :)
  2. Tiel Feathers

    Tiel Feathers Biking along the boulevard Avenue Spotlight Award I Can't Stop Posting!

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    Have you viewed any Barbara Heidenreich training videos? You can give her a command like "suit" and use a clicker or the word "good" and give her a treat every time she is an inch away. Then make her touch it to get the treat. Then drape it on her, etc. It might take several weeks, but just proceed in small increments and make sure she has mastered each step before you go on to the next one. You should also work on her letting you touch her wings. Good luck!

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