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Flight suits?

Discussion in 'Safety Avenue' started by Kanokoro, 1/9/19.

  1. Kanokoro

    Kanokoro Checking out the neighborhood

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    I know that Aviator Harnesses are commonly used, but what about Flight Suits? Are they safe to use and are there any pros and cons to using instead of a harness?
  2. Feather

    Feather Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran

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    I don't trust them. My only experiences with them so far have been pretty terrible. They're flimsy, poorly made, and the fabric stretches too much and snags too easily. The one I used was sagging and riddled with runners after only a couple uses. The poor bird went to scratch herself and ended up putting her leg down in such a way that it got caught in the pouch and she freaked. I ended up having to cut her free with scissors and I would never want to relive that experience.

    They require far too much manhandling to get on. Getting them off is even worse. As for using them in place of a harness, I wouldn't trust a small strip of velcro as the only thing standing between my bird and a fly-off in a million years.
  3. HolliDaze

    HolliDaze Jogging around the block

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    I've had a very different experience than feather. My family refuses to let Dexter out of my tiny bedroom unless he has a flight suit on. Dexter lets me put it on him, it's honestly easier for both of us to put on and off than the harness. It's important to make sure the suit is the correct size. The Velcro is strong (getting it undone is the most difficult part of getting it off) and takes 10+ minutes for him to get the Velcro undone.

    Tbf, the harness is better. It's more secure (no way he can get that off), and more comfortable while it's on. The lead is stretchy, and he pays much more attention to the diaper.
  4. MauiWendy

    MauiWendy Sprinting down the street

    Maui, Hawaii
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    I have experience with both the aviator harness and the flight suit. Guess it depends on the bird. My sennie hated them both, had to cut the harness off her and she would not let me put the flight suit on her. My p'let loved her flight suit (yes, they make them that small) she loved to hang by the lead part and would fall asleep (supervised at all times). I've been contemplating on one or the other for Keoki, but I am really not sure, and they are not cheap either. So i am absolutely no help here.

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